Urgent Care and Walk-in Clinic Reviews Near Knoxville, TN

AFC Urgent Care Provides 5 Star Doctor and Medical Service Ratings in Knoxville

“The whole staff was very nice & friendly. Thanks for a great experience & I will visit again. I have already told all my friends & family about my experience & told them if they need to visit that is a great place.” Pamela D. 

“I was very impressed with the cleanliness of the facility and the professional care by the medical staff! I have no suggestions for improvement because everything there is perfect!” Phyllis B.

“I had good experience!! The lady at the front desk, with the short salt and pepper hair, was very nice. I really also want to thank the doctor I saw! He was the best!!!!!!! Extremely personable, and kind!!!! I just did not like the amount of time I had to wait!!”  Brandi K. 

“It was the first time I had been to an AFC Urgent Care and i was totally impressed! I try to not go to the Dr. very often so when I do, I need to go and I like it to be a pleasant experience. The waiting room was immaculately clean, front staff was very efficient and courteous, the nurse who took me back was very nice and asked many questions to ensure she understood what was going on, and then Dr. Rivers was great! We talked, he listened to me without interrupting, and then we discussed my options for getting better. It was a great experience.”  David G. 

“The best thing I remember about my visit was just how friendly and kind the whole staff was. I very much appreciate great customer service. It’s something that seems to be becoming more and more rare these days.” Zachary G.

“Everyone was very nice. I was impressed on how quick it was. I was in and out in 30 min.” Dawn C.

“I was in and out of the clinic in a timely manner!” James R.

“The place was very nice. We really liked the nurses and the doctor. My son and I are feeling much better!” Angela G.

“I was truly impressed with how quickly and fully my broken arm was dealt with. I thought I would be there 8 hours. I was in and out within 1 hour. The staff was flat out kind.” Kimberly M.

“I brought my son in after picking him up from school for a flu and strep test, since it was closer than our doctor’s office. I was so impressed with the friendliness of the staff and with how clean and inviting the facility was. We will definitely be back if we need you!” Jennie R.

“The clinic was very clean and sterile. All staff was very friendly and helpful the Dr took time to listen to my concerns to ease my mind that there were not any other issues besides what I initially came in for. I would definitely recommended this clinic and staff to anyone. The Dr called a few days later to check on me. That was very impressive.” Kim C.

“We were thrilled with the walk-in clinic we visited. With the flu season, we expected it to be full however they were working the patients through very quickly and there was no long wait time. Everything was explained so we could understand it and the nurse and Doctor were very helpful and very professional, but friendly also. Our prescriptions where called in immediately and were ready to pick up when we got to Walgreens. We would gladly use the walk-in clinic again when our primary care doctor is not available. Thank you for being there for us! ” Marvin M.

“Center was very clean. Loved the idea of giving a mask if needed–thank you.” Sallie T.

“Very professional. Was able to treat my condition. I was in and out in under 1 hour. Keep up the good work.” Roger H.

“Service was quick and efficient.” Roger E.

“Upon arriving, I was pleasantly surprised at how many seats were available and arranged to where one could sit away from someone coughing or sneezing. It reminded me of a huge office that a primary doctor would have. The staff was very kind and friendly without being unprofessional. I have been an L.P.N. for many years and worked for several doctors/hospitals and I have never seen a place that flowed/ran quite as smoothly as this. I was quite impressed and pleased that I went there instead of going all the way West to my primary doctor. I plan on using AFC again if needed for urgent care instead of going to my doctor. I assure you that I will tell others about AFC for I have great trust and respect for this place and the way it is operated.” Eve G.

“I actually received a phone call asking how I was doing! Great!” Debra O.

“You guys are amazing. Couldn’t be more pleased.” Elizabeth F.

“Nice, clean facility.” Jada M.

“It was a great experience. This was the first urgent care I’ve visited that was so respectful of my time and the fact I really felt like crap. I will recommend your facility and will come back if I’m not able to see my PCP or it’s not serious enough for an ER visit. Thank you!” Shawn K.

“This visit was one of the best experiences that I have ever had at a walk-in clinic.” William O.

“It was a great experience. It was not busy, so I got right in. They diagnosed my broken toe with an x-ray and had me on my way. It was a seemless experience. We will make this our walk in clinic choice for sure.” S.P.

“The entire staff was very friendly, helpful and respectful. It was my first time there and will return if I need an after hours appointment.” Amber S.

“Keep up the good work! 👍” MG

“My visit was perfect. I took one of your business cards and have already given it to my son. I told him this is the best place to go.” Robert M.

“I was very satisfied with my visit . Great alternative to my family physician who is closed on weekend.” Sharin B.

“Very impressed with our service.” Anna T.

“My fiance took our daughter there, this was her 2nd time and everyone was wonderful. I haven’t taken her myself yet but my fiance spoke very highly about everyone he came in contact with and my daughter loved going there. I would highly recommend this urgent care clinic! Thank you all for taking care of my daughter and for treating her and my fiance with respect and kindness!” Lauren B.

“I had a great experience two days before Christmas, a time when no one wants to be sick or working. I am thankful for the kind employees of AFC Urgent Care Fountain City! ” Ruthie S.

“I was very pleased with the friendly staff and quick service.” Heather D.

“Really friendly staff. They made the process so easy.” Tara C.

“I appreciate the positive experience I had at AFC. My son was feeling very ill, and everyone was kind, we were seen quickly, and we were able to solve the problem, all under an hour’s time. I will be using AFC in the future for all of my Urgent Care needs. Thank you so much.” Jocelyn W.

“I will go back again. Well done.” G.N.

“I enjoyed my visit, and I am very likely to come back if needed!” Christine H.

“Extremely helpful! I’m so thankful I made the right decision in choosing to come to this location. Very friendly people! The doctors were extremely helpful, listened, asked and explained everything very well. A+! Will highly recommend to friends and family in the future! Thank you.” Chad C.

“Above and beyond! I had never enjoyed a doctors vist before. Now I have.” Michael D.

“As a nurse I was impressed with the staff and the facility.” Susan G.

“I was very impressed by our first visit. The office was extremely clean and we were greeted very warmly by the front desk. My son was taken very well care of by both the nurse and doctor. We will definitely be back (hopefully not anytime soon) and would highly recommend this place to our friends and family.” Cyndi B.

“I was in and out quickly with a clear understanding of my diagnosis. My prescriptions were sent to my pharmacy quickly so I could pick them up, get home, and rest. I’m really glad to see AFC come to Fountain City.” Susan F.

“This was my first time at your facility, and I was very impressed and grateful for all of the staff!” Sarah W.

“My regular doctor’s express clinic was booked 6 hours ahead, so I decided to give AFC a try. The Fountain City location is practically right across the street from where I normally go. I could not believe the short amount of time it took to get in to see a doctor and everyone that works there was very personable! They were so friendly that they made me laugh, despite not feeling well. I will definitely be back (but hopefully not soon), and will recommend this location to anyone that needs to get in to see a doctor quick. Very pleased with the service!” Maranda B.

“Both doctors we have seen there were super nice and friendly!” Ashley R.

“Everyone was super friendly. No wait time. Very nice.” Lori E.

“First trip to a walk in clinic. I worked in the medical field for 29 years at UT Medical Center so I wasn’t sure what to expect. My PCP recently moved to West Knoxville, so I will come back to the clinic. They were great and I appreciated it.” Cheryl M.

“The entire staff was great; however, Andy was amazing. She went over and above to make me feel comfortable and she gave me wonderful care. Best ever!” Gayle B.

“I am so glad I chose to go to AFC and that it’s so close to my home. Everyone was very professional, friendly, and caring. I am feeling much better and will definitely go back when I am sick. I have and will continue to pass on what a great office it is. Thank you!” Luann H.

“My little girl was sick so I brought her here on a Sunday. Everyone was really nice and understanding. If I ever need a doctor on the weekends or in a hurry I will be coming here. Thank you so much for having weekend hours!” Staci H.

“Excellent Medical Care Thank you!” Steve G.

“The front desk woman was very friendly, polite, professional and very courteous to not just me but every customer that came inside. Great job! Facility was clean…. will definitely use urgent care as our choice for a clinic! Thank you! ” William L.

“I have never been very lucky at finding a caring Dr. whether it be at a walk-in clinic or private physician. Instead of feelings of dread, I had a great experience. I left there feeling completely satisfied with all staff members. Felt that my prescriptions were what I needed for my diagnosis. I will definitely return if I am in need of quick medical care.” Sandra D.

“Very clean friendly place. Will use them again for my needs.” Kristi B.

“Everything was perfect! Offices were clean and appealing, staff was friendly and competent. Dr. was very thorough and asked several times if there was anything else I needed or did I have any questions. I was very impressed!” Kim F.

“We have been to this location twice. And my 15 yr old son doesn’t want to go anywhere else now. Whitney at the front desk was wonderful with explaining insurance and everything to me.” Billy K.

“I really see no way that you could improve… everyone was so polite & professional. The office itself looked spotless & very well kept. I was very pleased with my choice to bring my daughter there. It was Friday evening after her pediatricians office was closed & I did not want to go to the ER, with what I thought was strep, that we needed cleared up asap. When I called to check to make sure you all took our insurance, the receptionist was so sweet & very polite. The sweetest one I had talked to that evening, out of 3 walkin clinics. I’m very glad we choose this one. We will be back in the future when we need an after hour urgent care. Thank you all so much!” Lori T.

“The Fountain City facility was very bright and extremely clean. We waited about 15 minutes for our walk in appointment, and this included the time it took for me to fill out new patient paperwork. The staff was friendly. The nurses were sweet and Dr. Bush was amazing! He was so patient and kind to my son. He made him feel comfortable and my son thought he was funny. I was pleasantly surprised by this clinic. We will absolutely use this facility again. Thank you for a great experience!” Suzanne M.

“The check in person was very pleasant and helpful, and made for a smooth transition to see the doctor. This was all the more significant to me since I had been feeling miserable having had an extreme case of sinusitis. Both doctors I saw were very professional as well as sympathetic. I would recommend them highly as well as the clinic overall. I want to thank the staff there for getting me going in the right direction. ” Scott B.

“Professional, relaxed, clean environment. Everyone was very helpful, answered every question, no matter how small. Everyone showed genuine concern. I was very ill that day, started to feel better when I left because the attention I received didn’t make me feel like I was just a number. I know where I will go the next time!” Roger E.

“So glad to have clinic in my area. Very pleasant staff. Appreciated the follow up call!” Barbara F.

“Everyone there treats us great and goes above and beyond to help with my children’s illnesses.” Kristen C.

“I loved it! An insurance physical on your birthday isn’t so bad when it’s nice, clean, no wait and TVs are in the rooms! My husband and I were so impressed.” Brandy H.

“I love going to this office! Everyone is so nice and they make me feel at ease. I tell everyone about it all the time.” Ana W.

“Thanks for taking great care of my son. We will be back!” Jennifer B.

“Our experience was AWESOME! The whole team was caring and wonderful… I have already recommended to friends and family.” Anita F.

“I believe this is my third visit since this location opened up. I love this clinic. I especially like that I will be evaluated and treated by an actual medical doctor. This clinic is clean, quick, and appropriate for urgent type care. I am so glad they are in my community.” Letha L.

“I was very pleased with my care and the concern that I received from the staff. After a visit, I called with a question about a prescription. The Doctor called back within mimutes. Keep up the good work. I’m glad we have a care clinic in the area. Have already recommended you to others.” Lois K.

“This is my 2nd visit to this clinic. Everyone is very friendly and Professional. I personally work in the healthcare field and am extremely impressed with everyone at this clinic. I highly recommend AFC to all of my friends!” Amy B.

“For my first visit this was a great experience.” Lloyd P.

“They were so nice we usually go to the Walgreens clinic but my daughter did not feel well and neither did I and they did a great job and were all nice and we enjoyed them and they did not have us wait very long either and it really was so nice in the clinic.” Cindy W.

“We were very, very pleased with the care we received at our recent visit. My two year old hates going to the doctor but both the nurse and the doctor were fantastic with him and very patient with him and myself. I felt like they were more patient with him than his pediatric doctors and nurses are! We are very grateful AFC Urgent Care was recommended to us and we will for sure be back if another urgent care situation arises.” Rebecca S.

“Awesome experience. Being sick and feeling horrible, no one wants to sit in a doctor’s office for a long time. I was so pleased with the length of time I was there. I was checked in, seen by a doctor and checked out within half an hour. All staff were very friendly and caring. I would absolutely go there again, and highly recommend to anyone! Fountain city AFC you guys rock! Thank you so much!” Lisa W.

“Very good experience! Thank you!” Carla K.

“Our experience was very good. We are thankful to have this care so close to our home so we do not have to go to an ER or wait for an appointment to get care. Thank you.” Jane C.

“I came in after an auto accident earlier in the day. I was shaken, of course, but my visit to your office went very well! Everyone was extremely nice and helped to put me at ease. Thank you!” Karen J.

“Excellent medical care Thank you!” Steven B.

“Outstanding experience! Our whole family had to be seen and Dr provided outstanding care. I would be happy to refer any friends or family members!” Ashley B.

“Dr. McMichlen was very helpful and friendly. The nurse and office staff were also very kind and accommodating.” Wendy H.

“The staff put me at ease and kept me engaged so I remained calm.” Denziel W.

“It really blew my mind how modern, clean, open and bright a walk in clinic could be, and how quickly I was seen. I went there expecting at least an hour wait, but it was ten minutes. The staff was very friendly, explained everything, and were very knowledgeable.” L.W.

“Staff was great and everyone had a wonderful, bright, and bubbly sense of humor which made our experience that much better. We practically had no wait time, and received a follow up call. We most definitely will be back when someone in our home needs medical attention and our Dr isn’t available.” JD W.

“My experience was excellent. I was treated with compassion and taken care of quickly. I will be back!” Robin W.

“It was a great experience from start to finish. They really cared how I was doing.” Morgan C.

“I really liked the doctor. She was friendly, upbeat, trustworthy, and approachable.” Caroline L.

“I loved the doctor. He was so sweet and caring. He explained everything clearly and made sure I understood before I left.” Laura R.

“Loved the physician and the attention paid to details of my injury. Would use this service again. Much better than my PCP experience.” Stephenie B.

“I absolutely LOVE this place!!! I had been suffering for three weeks. I had been to my PCP and the CVS Minute Clinic, and had been given the wrong diagnosis. The doctor I saw, set me on the road to recovery. I’m extremely grateful.” William G.

“I was very pleased with my visit and I couldn’t suggest anything for improvement. I was waiting on my doctors office to schedule a cat scan and I was hurting so bad and got tired of waiting that I went to the clinic and they scheduled a cat scan for me immediately. Thank you to the entire staff for caring for me.” Kathleen C.

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